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Wrist, Hand, & Foot Specialist


Dr. Alan Dayan has extensive training and experience in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of wrist, hand, and foot disorders and injuries. He employs the most advanced medical and surgical techniques, such as DeQuervain’s release surgery, carpal tunnel surgery with a 3 cm incision, and tarsal tunnel release surgery.

Dr. Dayan also provides non-surgical treatments such as pain-relieving carpal tunnel injections, trigger finger injections, deQuervain’s injections, and neuroma injections in his Brooklyn, New York orthopedic office.

Hand & wrist conditions and treatments

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Carpal tunnel injections
    • Carpal tunnel open release surgery (2 cm. incision)
  • Trigger finger
    • Trigger finger injections
    • Trigger finger release surgery
  • deQuervain’s (wrist) tendonitis
    • deQuervain’s injections
    • deQuervain's release surgery

Are you looking for relief from wrist, hand, or foot pain? Call (718) 232-6348 or request an appointment online with our wrist, hand & foot specialist in BrooklynDr. Alan Dayan's orthopedic office is centrally located and close to Staten Island and Queens, New York.


Alan J. Dayan, MD, PC
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