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Joint Replacement


Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery

Dr. Alan Dayan is an expert at hip joint replacement and knee joint replacement. He employs the most advanced techniques in total hip joint replacement and total knee joint replacement to ensure patient comfort and effective outcomes.

The surfaces of your joints are lined with cartilage, which is a very tough, shock-absorbing lining. Osteoarthritis, trauma, and “wear and tear” strain over time are some of the main reasons for joint pain and immobility. When non-surgical treatments no longer provide effective relief, joint replacement surgery may be necessary to restore pain-free motion and function.

Joint replacement surgery is used to remove the damaged or worn joint surfaces and replace them with implants. The type of implant selected depends on the reason for surgery, as well as the joint being replaced. There are many types of joints, including those made of metal, plastic, ceramics, or a combination of materials.

For knee replacements, Dr. Dayan uses implants by Smith & Nephew. They have an excellent long-term track record.

Dr. Dayan specializes in the following types of joint replacement:

  • Knee Joint Replacement
  • Hip Joint Replacement

Have you been thinking about hip replacement or knee replacement? Call (718) 232-6348 or request an appointment online with our joint replacement surgeon in Brooklyn, New YorkDr. Alan Dayan's orthopedic office is centrally located and close to Staten Island and Queens, New York.


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    Dr. Dayan performs many advanced orthopedic surgery procedures, including total hip and knee joint replacement as well as partial knee replacement.



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